Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Journey - Art journal page with tutorial

Hello friends,

Today I want to share with you all an art journal page with a step by step tutorial.  The last few days have been quite eventful, pushing me out of my comfort zone on many levels and I wanted to relax and internalise what had happened in order to make the right decisions. I also wanted to clear my head before making a project for the Colourarte Design team audition, so I took out my art journal and played with my current favourites - lace, metal, twinks, arte pigments. On finishing, it felt right to make this journal page my submission for the colourarte design team audition.

Its a rather long post as I have a step by step pictorial of how I made this page. Hope you enjoy.

 Step1: Cover the two sides with teal acrylic paint. Tear out the roses from a paper napkin and glue onto paper (with matt medium) once acrylic paint is completely dry.

Step 2: Add a piece of cotton tape and lace on the left side and some texture paste through a stencil. On the right side (ART stencil) mix sand texture with texture paste and apply. Sand texture has a grainy feel as opposed to the relatively smooth finish from texture paste.
 Step3: Add water to a pot of Chiffon pink twinkling H20. Don't wait too long, pick up a little bit of paint with a waterbrush and apply on the word ART in random places. On a craft mat, take a little Spiced pumpkin pigment and apply to the ART word and also the left side of the page.
 Step 4: The colour on the word ART takes time to dry as the paint seeps through the texture of the sand paste. Before its completely dry, using a brush apply gesso. The gesso will pull some of the colour from the word and create an interesting effect. I used heavy body gesso without any water, dragging the brush over and over again in order to give a white washed effect. Dry thoroughly. Dip your waterbrush into the pot of Chiffon pink twinkling H20, dab it onto a piece of plastic and press the paint side onto the page. The paint will flow in random ways, some areas with more paint, some with less, but overall give a beautiful effect.
Step 5: Glue on some more of the roses from the paper napkin. Dry it. Apply clear crackle paste in a few places on the page and create a layer of tea bag and lace on top of the wet paste on the left side. On the right side the screws were glued to the crackle paste as well. This is the most time consuming step as crackle medium takes a long time to dry. Using a heat tool will result in small or no cracks so patience it the key.
 Step 6: Now if the my favourite part of the page: glazing. Add a tiny (really tiny) amount of Cinnamon Brown pigment with glazing medium. How shiny and wonderful it looks - just like rust as shown in 6b. Apply with a flat brush on part of the page. Leave it for a few seconds, rub out the excess with a dry kitchen roll first and then with a wet wipe. Can you see the subtle colour in 6d compared to no colour in 6a. Heat set. Repeat if you want stronger colour.

 Step 7: Glue down die cuts on the left and stamp with archival ink. Repeat the glazing process with teal acrylic and with pink acrylic. Here you can see teal acrylic paint mixed with glazing medium applied to a few random places on the page. After this I wiped it back just as described in Step 6.

Here is a look at the final page again.

Finishing touches include splatter of brown glaze and pink glaze and some glass glitter and beads around the lady silhouette. You can see it better in this close up.

Thank you dear friends for reading through my post, I hope you liked it, do leave me a comment if you did.



  1. Its beautiful !! Loved reading through the process of creating the background ,Thanks for sharing the tutorial.All the Best Kripa !



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