Tuesday, 22 March 2016

An art journal page - Freedom is a state of mind

Today I'm sharing my first painting of sorts in a very long time. I prefer to call it an art journal page as its still quite abstract in style. Ive been super scared of painting since school days, specially acrylic paints, so this piece was a breakthrough for me.

A few months ago, I was in Melbourne and enjoyed a walking tour of the famous street art alleyways and ever since have wanted to paint.... like a realistic image. Not being good at sketching or with paints I went for a simple image.

The idea came from a trail of thoughts sparked by a pretty kingfisher that used to come by our garden everyday. He would sit on the same branch and bob up and down for a while and then fly away (having found no food) We all associate freedom with birds, in that they can fly wherever they want. But this little birdie would be there at the same time everyday! This birdie reminded me that we all have wings too - the choice to fly where we want,  to break free of our past, overcome our fears, choose happiness. How the kingfisher became a kookaburra, I know not, but on his belly is the quote - freedom is a state of mind.

The base is printed tissue modpodged on canvas. The paints are a brand called fevicryl, their pearl paint range is translucent and shiny a little bit like silks. Also used Derwent inktense pencils.


  1. love the artsy feel of this Kripa !! beautiful quote too, love the colors !!

  2. Lovely message & beautiful art work!! Background & Colour combos on cute birdie is amazing!

  3. This is so fabulous, I would love to have a print! Gorgeous work and I am so thrilled that you let go and allowed yourself to play with paint again. You are quite good at it! <3



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