Friday, 7 November 2014

Child's play - Mixed Media Mini Album

I'm on the Lulupu blog today, with my take on
Challenge #41 - Child's Play
(You can read more about the challenge here, and general challenge guidelines here)

 My very first scrapbooking project ever, was a mini album to record the birth of my first born. So when I saw the theme for the challenge this time, I thought what a perfect excuse to make a brag book - small enough to carry in the handbag, but big enough to journal on. Why not preserve a little more than just photographs this time? So my toddler pitched in with creating the background of  these pages - splashing paints and stamping.

The base for all pages is watercolour paper with printed script tissue glued using matt multi medium. I usually let this dry overnight. Once dry, apply clear gesso all over. Again allow to dry. Then add white gesso in random places.

 Im in love with the My Huey's watercolour set. There are so many easy ways of adding watercolours to your background. The technique used on the pages here is not only easy but quite mess free and hence great for tiny little hands. Take a piece of plastic (cover from a stamp set or in my case the cover from coffee break stickers). Using a wet brush, lift some paint off the watercolour cake and dab onto the plastic. Now, paint side down apply it on paper. The paint will transfer leaving a random pattern. Vary the amount of paint and pressure with which you tap the plastic on the paper to get different interesting patterns.

These pages were photographed before binding. Each page measures 6 inches by 8 inches. Fold them in half, they now measure 6X4. Stick them back to back so they become a 6inch X4inch book.
Each page took less than 30 minutes to put together (barring the first step of letting the matt medium dry) And finally, the cover - it measures a little more than the pages and wraps right around them. The spine is about half an inch and the top flap is held in place by a paper clip. I didn't use any wet mediums on the cover, so it doesn't warp ; just some stamping and washi tape.
 I hope you liked my project and feel inspired to join us in this challenge.


  1. Beautiful work, love the watercolour look! Xx

  2. each page looks wonderful.. beautiful photos and lovely back grounds..



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