Friday, 27 December 2013

Shiny and New

What's SHINY & NEW ?

That's the question over at Paper Issues for their December Challenge.  Well..... In our house the answer to that is very simple - our lil baby boys. Although one is not all that new 2.5 years is still pretty new isn't it? Anyways, I completed this layout a couple of months ago as I patiently waited for my contractions to stabilize. For those of you who have babies you would know the last few hours from when contraction starts and to when the mid wife declares that you are officially in labour can be quite difficult. I needed a seriously engaging distraction to cope with the pain ..... what can be more relaxing than playing with colours! I had already started this layout, so decided to complete it.

The background is watercolour paper and Fevicryl Hobby Ideas pearl acrylic colour. These paints so so silky and have a shine to them when they dry. I made my own mist by watering down the paint.

I struggle with balancing the layout and also when to stop and not overwork a layout. This layout didnt quite feel complete but I havent the courage to try anything else on the page lest I ruin what Ive done so far..... lol.... Would love to hear your suggestions and read your comments.

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