Friday, 10 June 2016

Mixed media Canvas tutorial for Colourarte

Hello friends,

I have very happy news to share with you all - I will be designing for Colourarte for the next few  months! Here is my very first project with a tutorial on the colourarte blog.
mixed media, altered, paintbrush, art, canvas, primary elements, tutorial
Altered paintbrush using Colourarte primary elements
Off late, Ive been wanting to make projects with more meaning than just aesthetic appeal and so here is the story behind this canvas. There was a time when I would find inspiration in a lot of things around me and painted everyday. Along the way life happened (thread embedded in the texture paste) and I lost that mojo. This piece is a reminder to not given up and strive to find that part of me again (represented by the gears and clocks) , to create (paintbrush) and stay true to my inspiration (the markings on the butterfly) 
mixed media, altered, paintbrush, art, canvas, primary elements, tutorial
Its amazing the different shades of colour that can be made with just 4 pigments depending on  what medium you mix it with. The patina colour on the gears and the blue butterfly are made with same pigment - Autumn skies. 

I hope you take a few minutes to read the tutorial on the Colourarte blog and leave me your comments.

Thank you,
Happy long weekend NSWers 
Happy Creating,


  1. This is pretty amazing....really 'artistic' and sort of grungy. LOVE that blue in there with the copper colour. ANd congrats on your 'gig' with Color Arte, too :)

  2. It's great to know you'll be deigning at colourarte! So excited to see your tutorials! This art piece is amazing with a lovely message :)



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